Benefits Outsourcing

Below are some of the key features of Black Mountain’s ‘Benefits Outsourcing’ service:


• Provide a fully outsourced audit of benefits provision and design for companies with an acquisitive history or fast growth

• Report or support you in untangling benefits provision, understanding contractual promises and auditing the practices, solutions and design of benefits

Benefits Outsourcing

Black Mountain has high level benefits consultants with big organisation experience whose clients include the Bank of EnglandFinancial Times, and Amazon to name a few. However, we are not a huge organisation so we  can provide a streamlined, cost effective and high touch service to our clients. In short we offer big company expertise but with more flexibility and support for clients and at a more cost effect rate.

• Recommendations and set up of your Hong Kong Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) schemes

Employee Wellbeing

Below are some key features of our Employee Wellbeing service, highlighting how it can benefit your organisation.

• We can help with using technology to track and report on the efficiency of each element of a wellbeing programme

• Black Mountain can advise and guide you on which of the myriad of solutions will work best to meet your company’s objectives

• Black Mountain can tailor a targeted plan to help support initiatives that are working and build in new solutions

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