Global Payroll System

Our chosen global payroll system is simple, smart and secure. It will connect and integrate all your local payrolls in one common global platform. Streamlining and automating processes. Strengthening oversight and controls. Creating unparalleled data access and visibility.


This system is designed to support and inter-operate with any local payroll solution, so you can keep your existing vendor or swap in any new local payroll solution, while benefiting from the integration, automation, management controls and compliance that our Global Payroll System has to offer.


Below are some of the key benefits of adopting this software:

• Less Risk

• Lower Cost

• More Flexibility

• Fast Implementation

Payroll Management

Payroll is an essential business function, which can come with interesting challenges like some time-consuming manual reporting. You can be sure that your companies payroll is in safe hands, as well as being compliant with up-to-date tax and employee legislation.


Black Mountain target the essential tasks in Payroll Management to ensure that you and your company are compliant with all Kenya employment legislation and ordinances. Below are some of the tasks Black Mountain undertake whilst performing your Payroll:


• Use a local compliant payroll management system to keep employee data

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