Employer of Record (PEO)

Employer of Record services, otherwise known as Co-Employment services or PEO, is a very popular employment option for organisations around the world. With Black Mountain’s Employer of Record (EOR) / Co-Employment (PEO) service, we take on full employment of the staff, managing the onboarding and payroll, whilst ensuring all statutory employment requirements are met within the local legislation.

Employer of Record (EOR) Overview

Our Employer of Record (EOR) service is an employment solution where Black Mountain takes on all of the employer responsibilities in terms of payroll, statutory tax and social security obligations, statutory employment legislation compliance, all necessary employer insurances, sick pay etc.

However, Black Mountain structures the employment contract such that the terms and conditions are in line with the client’s wishes (with some local market guidance from Black Mountain) and the contract states that the employee will be seconded to work for the client.

Save Time

Black Mountain will help you save time with the Employer of Record (EOR) service by fulfilling all the administrative and compliance tasks involved in this employment solution

People Focussed

Black Mountain provides HR advice to the client including local market norms, guides and employee relations advice. The employee is supported because they have a local payroll and HR team supporting them

Reduce Risk

With access to extensive expertise in the service area and local expertise, Black Mountain’s Employer of Record (EOR) service reduces risk and is a very efficient, compliant and cost-effective solution

"Black Mountain's solution-centric approach has helped us navigate in the regulated environment. They have a strong partnership mindset and capacity which allows going extra miles in supporting client needs."

Pawan Kumar Jain, Vice President HR, Arise P&L Ltd

Employee Spotlight

Black Mountain Group Director Of Client Solutions Steven Fedor
Steven Fedor
Managing Director of Europe

Why Emlpoyer of Record (EOR)?

So what are the benefits of Employer of Record services and is it right for you? As you now know, Black Mountain aim to save you time, reduce risk and ultimately make your organisation more efficient. But how is this done?

Black Mountain will provide HR and Payroll advice around the employment to ensure statutory compliance whilst completing all the tasks that are needed during onboarding using an onboarding checklist detailing all statutory documents and data needed. All of this is done using a secure and GDPR-compliant file transfer system to store employee confidential data and documents.

EOR clients

Some of the more recognisable clients we have helped

Why stop at Employment services?

Black Mountain specialise in a “One Stop Solution” service to help streamline your business, not only with Employment services, but also with HR Services, Payroll, Technology, Employee Benefits and much more. 

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