Always accurate. Ensuring your employees are paid on time, every time

For a limited time only... No set-up/transfer fees and 50% off all Payroll fees for the first 6 months!

Our Payroll Solution

We are offering our clients a limited time offer of no set up/transfer fees and 50% off all Payroll fees for the first 6 months! If you are unsatisfied with our service and we did not live up to our high levels of service, you can walk away – no obligation! With this Payroll Service, you will not only receive a gold-standard service, with our head of payroll sitting on the HMRC advisory board, but you will also receive timely updates about changes to payroll or other related legislations.

We aim to offer our clients a stress-free Payroll solution by reducing time on administrative tasks and offering a complete, consultative solution – working the way you want us to. 

Whether you currently manage your Payroll in-house or outsource to another company, we can assure you an easy transition to our Payroll service.

Why are people moving to Black Mountain?

Want to know why clients are switching to Black Mountain’s cost effective “FAST” approach to Payroll?


Taking your data in any format, managing payments through BACs / client accounts, reports to fit your systems, full or partial service – in short flexibility


For over 20 years using leading Payroll people to health check input data, provide expert advice, manage technology and provide a full agent service dealing with HMRC


We understand the need for complete data security. Solely using a secure file transfer and integration with HR technologies, meaning high data security


Our payroll team will ensure your employees are paid on time, every time. Our FAST process saves you time in workflow efficiencies, allowing you to focus on other areas

Consultative Advice & Payroll Processing

Registered UK BACS Bureau

Dedicated Payroll Manager

GDPR Compliant & Data Security

Highly Experienced Team

A Complete Payroll Solution

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