Black Mountain are a broker of Technology systems, not confining ourselves to one platform, but rather offer a suite of solutions to match your organisation’s exact needs. From HR Systems (HRIMS) to award-winning Payroll Systems, we have access to many Technology systems to help you become more efficient.

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Our Approach to Technology

The prime focus when looking for any technology solution is security. We deal with sensitive information, so unless the technology solutions we work with meet the world’s most stringent data

protection regulations, we do not even consider it. After this we look at functionality and ease of use. We understand that all our clients are different and that a good solution for a small local client might not be a great choice for a larger multinational client. With that in mind we make sure we are aware of and keep looking for new solutions to fit every area of our service.

Our Technology Systems

HR Systems (HRIMS)

An HR solution will work as well for management as it does for the employees, encompassing all aspects of employee data from recruitment through to getting the employee on board. Once employed, a good HR system will help manage leave, time and attendance, performance management as well as be a depositary for company documents

Payroll System

Black Mountain's primary aim when sourcing payroll systems is to make sure overall that it is secure and reliable - data privacy cannot be compromised.  We favour working with local systems that we can integrate into Global Payroll Solutions, giving our clients the option to run just one location or a Multi location payroll from the same system


A Benefits Portal should include personalised information for each employee that provides not only details of their benefits, but the cost of those benefits to their employer as well as the ability to upgrade or flex the benefits. We ensure that it is easy to navigate and it can also integrate with our suggested payroll and HR systems

Expense Management

A good expense system will have an easy to use mobile app, easy to set up reporting functions and be simple for the managers to approve and integrate with accounting and HR solutions


Using a quality Cloud accounts solution will help to reduce a lot of administration by linking together with all the other systems to post and record all the employee and benefits expenses that are incurred


Analytics on company data is vital and often overlooked by many organisations. Black Mountain can suggest powerful software which allows a deeper insight to company trends and patterns

How we do it

Black Mountain has made the conscious decision not to be Company that insists you have to use any particular technology solution. We saw that in many areas the technology available was superb but most seemed to have some part that didn’t quite make the grade and that if we developed our own it may not be right for all of our clients. We therefore embarked on our “Best in Breed” philosophy. Looking for and integrating the best solutions for different tasks, or agreeing to manage the existing technology our clients already have.

Cloud Technology

Having applications in the Cloud means that they are always available no matter the location or device that is being used. Black Mountain has extensive knowledge and experience of setting up and managing Cloud systems on behalf of our clients

Integrated Solutions

Using the best technology for the right function even though they are delivered by different providers is now possible with API integrations. Black Mountain has the ability and expertise to help technology solutions talk to each other to provide a seamless use of data

Data Security

The right systems are also the safest systems. With the different data protection policies that are enforced around the world, Black Mountain will only work with providers that meet or exceed the strongest data protection laws available

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