At Black Mountain Benefits Consultancy (BMBC), we focus on supporting people by providing valuable advice to employers across a range of employee benefits and services: Benefits consultancy and administration; Benefits design and review; Pension governance; and Employee Wellbeing. We also utilise leading technology to help communicate company benefits to employees

Black Mountain's Benefits Service

Black Mountain’s linked-up services mean that we are uniquely placed in the People and HR outsourcing market by having our own independent employee benefits consultants, who play a crucial role in delivering a top-notch services to our clients. 

Our consultants operate seamlessly as part of the overall team, allowing us to provide a streamlined, cost-effective, and high-touch service. We believe that by utilising our ‘One Stop Solution’, that we can build strong lasting relationships that can make a real difference in the lives of our clients and their employees. Our mission is to empower individuals to make informed decisions that positively impact their lives. 

Benefits Management

Our advice is focused on market/location practices utilising the best providers in that market so that we are providing a truly independent service. As a broker, we work for our clients - not the insurance providers. Employee Benefits can be a number of things, however, for the most part include Medical, Life, Disability and Accident Insurance as well as Pension and Provident Funds

Pensions & Benefits Advice

By integrating our benefit services with our HR and payroll services we will also be fully aware when employees qualify for additional benefits through marriage, birth of dependents or by promotions or service length. This is all part of our joined-up service offering. Our aim is to provide a streamlined, cost-effective and high touch service to all our clients, regardless of size

Benefits Technology

Our Benefits Advice as well as Benefits Management is supported through the use of technology, ensuring benefits packages are fully understood by employees. This helps to make sure the money clients spend helps recruit, retain and motivate employees. If you are interested in understanding how we could support you with leading benefits technology, click the button below

Some of the most popular Employee Benefits we set up for clients:

Private Medical

Dental Insurance

Travel Insurance

Life Assurance

To learn about the full extent our benefits portal can provide to you and your employees, use the button below to get in touch!

How we do it

Black Mountain offers the use of Benefits Technology that shows our clients as modern, forward thinking, innovative & caring employers. This coupled with independent advice from Benefits experts who understand our concept of Local Expertise with Global Reach, means our clients have access to some of the best advice and administration there is available. Our Benefits Consultants are fully part of our account teams, not just add-ons giving our clients a true One Stop Solution.

Integrated Solutions

Our different teams are all connected, including our benefits teams. Seamless data transfer and communications benefits both parties

Expert Advice

Our benefits team have a colourful past with large benefits consultancy firms. They bring this experience to the table and offer it to any sized organisation


Embracing technology to enhance our service offering, increasing efficiencies and maximising data security

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