Black Mountain offers a comprehensive suite of outsourced solutions in Malaysia, including HR, Payroll, Employee Benefits, Corporate Services, and Technology Solutions, designed to streamline your operations and help businesses succeed.


People & HR




Black Mountain's expert HR and Payroll professionals have a deep understanding of local nuances in Malaysia. Our malaysian-centric team ensures that your company benefits from a service that is not just gold standard but also culturally attuned and market-relevant.

Malaysia Payroll. HR solutions in Malaysia. Outsourced Payroll in Malaysia.


If you want peace of mind with your Payroll, knowing that your employees will be paid on time, every time, then get in touch to see how we can help with your Payroll service. Our Malaysia Payroll team will ensure we not only pay employees correctly and on-time but also meet local legislation, social security and taxation obligations for both calculations and reporting. We consider payroll to always need someone with local expertise to deliver it correctly. We offer multiple services under Payroll, below are the available Payroll services in Malaysia:

Global Payroll

Local Payroll

Payroll Software


Thinking of expanding into Malaysia or simply want to formalise processes and streamline your operation? Operating a Company has certain legal and administrative responsibilities. Our aim is to make sure these obligations can easily be dealt with by using our local expertise and in-country teams leaving you to focus on income generation and profitability. Below is a list of Corporate services that we offer in Malaysia.

Local Expertise global reach black mountain hr


Company Insurance

Work Visas

People & HR

Need HR support in Malaysia? We can act like your in-house HR team in Malaysia, providing expert advice or providing you with the administrative support to keen you compliant with Malaysia legislation, Black Mountain provides in-country dedicated HR teams to support our client’s business, so we can ensure we are able to provide relevant HR advice with local expertise and knowledge as well as on site help. Listed below are the People & HR services we offer in Malaysia:

People & HR solutions in Malaysia. Payroll in Malaysia. HR in Malaysia. Payroll technology in Malaysia

Co-Employment (EOR / PEO)

HR Admin

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Employee Benefits

Do you want attract more talent or simply provide your Malaysia workforce with the employee benefits they deserve? Black Mountain’s experienced Employee Benefits team can help you with cost-effective Benefits packages for your organisation. We offer a full employee benefits broking service that deals with the broking and consulting advice on what to provide, who should provide it through to ongoing benefits administration and employee communications. Listed below are the Employee Benefits services we offer in Malaysia:

Employee Benefits

Flexible Benefits


Technology is now an integral part of running any business, but the questions on what solutions work best for different parts of the organisation, is still a difficult one to answer. Black Mountain have developed relationships with local and global technology partners to offer competitive rates on multiple products. We work with you to understand the perfect solution for you now and in the future. We are not committed to one product but rather we learn about your needs and suggest different options for you to consider. Below are the technology solutions we offer.

Cloud HR / HRIMS

Payroll System

Software Integration

Learning Management System (LMS)

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