Payroll Technology

We have partnered with the best Payroll Technology providers to ensure we can offer a solution which will enhance your business operations. Award-winning technology will help streamline your operations, help you manage your payrolls in one location and remove the administrative headaches that are associated with managing your payroll.

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Our Payroll Technology Solutions

As part of our payroll services, we harness award-winning technology to provide our clients with an effortless streamlined solution. As technology is ever changing and evolving, at Black Mountain we use the “Best in Breed” philosophy to discover up to date Payroll solutions, which are tailored to each client’s unique requirements.

Award Winning

Each Technology solution we provide is of a very high standard with no compromises


Through consultation, we can guide you to the best solution which will integrate seamlessly to create an efficient process


Our Technology solutions adhere to the strictest data security measures across the world, including GDPR

Global Payroll

We favour working with local systems that we can integrate into Global Payroll Solutions, giving our clients the option to run just one location or a Multi location payroll from the same system. 

Currently have businesses in multiple locations or are thinking to expand? Our Global Payroll services utilises these technology solutions and also provides professional end-to-end assistance. If you would like to find out more about our global payroll services, click on the button below.

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Flexible Data Entry

Unlike many other technology systems, the solutions we provide allow for flexible data entry (CSV, PDF, XLSX etc.)

Save Time

The technology system we utilise is designed to help save time by reducing workload and creating efficiencies

Aggregated Reporting

Our global payroll system will allow you to have access to 24/7 custom reports which aggregates data across all payrolls/locations

Why stop at Technology?

Black Mountain specialise in a “One Stop Solution” service to help streamline your business, not only with Technology Solutions, but also with People & HREmployee Benefits, Expenses and much more. 

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