Employee Benefits (UK)

Our UK benefits team (Black Mountain Benefits Consultancy) offers expert advice to employers across a range of employee benefits and services: Employee Benefits Benchmarking and Administration, Pension Consultancy & Governance, Employee Wellbeing and Online & Flexible Benefits. We also utilise leading benefits technology to help communicate company benefits to employees. 

What are Employee Benefits?

Employee Benefits are incentives provided by employers, in addition to a worker’s normal salary or wages. They are designed to help promote employee satisfaction, wellbeing and boost productivity, and could include anything from dental care plans to flexible working hours and private medical insurance. By law, employers must provide certain mandatory employee benefits in the UK to their employees. Such as, Pension entitlements, holiday pay, sick pay, maternity and paternity entitlements. 

Employee Benefits Plans

Pension Consultancy

Employee Wellbeing

Online Benefits System

Our Benefits Service

“Offering a good employee benefits package is proven to increase employee loyalty, boost productivity and help attract the best talent.” – Source UK Institute of Directors website 2022 

Black Mountain can provide more than just a standard retirement fund or a group risk benefit. We are uniquely placed in the People and HR outsourcing market and by having our own independent employee benefits consultants we can offer advice and communication on group protection, private medical insurance and other associated benefits. 

Traditional Employee Benefits

It’s time for a new, smarter approach, going beyond just broking and really understanding your unique needs, requirements and diving into your data to manage your risks. Our expert consultants provide advice and communication on benefits packages such as: Group Protection, Private Medical Insurance, Long Term Disability and many more associated benefits that we believe build a strong company culture.

Full Fact-Find & Market Reviews

Additional Health Solutions

Outsourced Admin Support

Recommendation Reports

Benefits pension consultancy

Pension Consultancy & Governance

Black Mountain’s benefits team have over 25 years’ experience in providing expert pension advice in the UK. We will help with the review of your current pension schemes, provide recommendations in the form of a report, and facilitate scheme upgrades.

Pension Scheme Upgrades

Pension Scheme Audit

Dedicated Pension Support

Employee Wellbeing

Promoting and supporting employee wellbeing is at the heart of our benefits to champion a better workplace and working lives because an effective employee wellbeing programme can deliver mutual benefit to people, organisations and communities. That’s why at Black Mountain we focus on the three pillars of wellbeing: Physical, Mental and Financial using the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). 

UK employee benefits including mental wellbeing. EAP support

Comprehensive Wellbeing Calender

Classroom Courses

Financial Coach 1-2-1's

Online & Flexible Benefits

Online & Flexible Benefits

At Black Mountain we believe it takes a great strategy and relevant personalised communications with a technology platform that makes the whole process easy to engage and navigate. Our online platform provides employees with access to flexible benefits such as dental insurance, bike to work, gym benefits, salary sacrifice, retail discounts and more. 

Branded To Any Organisation

Single Sign On (SSO)

Dedicated Helpdesk

Why choose Black Mountain?

Tailored Employee Benefits

Tailored Service

Through detailed conversations, Black Mountain ensure that all your needs’ are met, so that your benefits package is accurate and meaningful.

Quality Employee Benefits


Our benefit consultants can find a suitable policy which includes everything when it comes to needing to claim. That way, you get a secure policy with an affordable premium.

Simple Employee Benefits


Each year we will conduct a review of your benefit package and negotiate with the provider to ensure that the coverage is competitive in all aspects such as benefits, cost and terms.

Empowering Employee Benefits

Empower Your Workforce

With vast experience in the market, Black Mountain understands the employees’ needs, meaning that we are able to provide innovative benefit solutions to help increase staff loyalty, boost productivity and attract/retain the best talent.

How we do it

Black Mountain offers the use of Benefits Technology that shows our clients as modern, forward thinking, innovative & caring employers. This coupled with independent advice from Benefits experts means our clients have access to some of the best advice and administration there is available. Our Benefits Consultants are fully part of our account teams, not just add-ons giving our clients a true One Stop Solution.

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