Global Expansion

At Black Mountain, we empower ambitious organisations to achieve Global Expansion.
With our tailor-made solutions, we ensure seamless market entry, whilst handling compliance complexities. Allowing you to expand confidently with our agile, efficient services, and seize unlimited global opportunities. 

Taking Your Business Global

Black Mountain is a leading provider of integrated, outsourced solutions; offering a wide array of services, including Global Payroll,  HR Support, Employee Benefits, and Technology broking. With our expertise, we assist organisations in their global business expansion efforts. Our range of tailored and integrated services are strategically designed to support companies in navigating the complexities of international markets.

With capabilities in over 165 locations, our team of professionals possess a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in cross-border operations, ranging from compliance and employment regulations to the subtle the ever-changing payroll legislation that can significantly impact business success. 

Our Global Solutions

Global Payroll

Our Global Payroll management leverages market-leading payroll systems to optimise your internal operations. With in-country expertise managed by global payroll experts, you can rest assured that your payroll processes are in safe hands. 

Employer of Record (EOR)

Our Employer of Record (EOR) solution offers genuine global mobility by facilitating employment of your workforce in over 165 locations without the need for a local entity, allowing you to streamline your global operations and focus on driving success across borders.

Global HR Support

Global HR management brings its own unique set of challenges due to varying regulations. Our global HR solution assigns a dedicated HR manager to offer expertise and guidance across multiple jurisdictions, allowing you to focus on revenue growth and profitability.

Global Benefits

Global benefits play a crucial role in employee retention and talent attraction. Our team specialise in benchmarking and brokering benefits worldwide, enabling your organisation to provide a competitive and attractive benefits package to your employees.

Global Expansion

“Luca and Black Mountain HR have been instrumental in our expansion and growth outside our home country. They have been acting fast, very professional and functions as a partner for us when it comes to employment matters and recruitment in new markets. I can highly recommend their tailored and flexible services. As a scale up business it is an important partnership to de-risk employment matters.”

– Clara Mohl Schack 
Head of Human Resources

Types of organisations we work with

Global Payroll

Our client, a prominent leader in the Insurtech industry with 2000 employees, has successfully adopted our Global Payroll Solution and Global Payroll Technology across 22 countries.

Multiple Services

Our long-term offshore wind project client leverages 11 of our services across 5 countries. These comprehensive services include Payroll, HR, Employee Benefits, and Leadership Management, supporting their team of 30 employees.

Single Location

Our client, that operates multiple pizza restaurants, relies on our support for payroll services and supported technology for over 1,500 employees in the United Kingdom.

Consultancy Advice

Our client, a prominent digital service provider , has a workforce of 4000+ employees across the globe. We provide expert consultancy and strategic advice to drive their success in the industry

A Guide to Global Expansion

Global Expansion White paper. Global Expansion

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