Recruitment Services

Our HR Services cover all the HR tasks an in-house team would cover at a much more affordable rate. Whether you are a small or large organisation, we will support you in the same way with: HR Administration, on going or ad hoc HR Advice, Learning & Development Training, Co-Employment (PEO) and much more.

HR Services Overview

Black Mountain’s HR Services help ensure that you meet the statutory requirements for your organisation, but also assist you with any HR Advice or HR Project work. Motivating, encouraging and incentivising your most important asset is vital to the success of your organisation. With Black Mountain’s HR Services, we ensure can help you recruit, retain and motivate your staff whilst ensuring, at all times, that you are compliant with local legislation.

HR Administration

Whether a company is large or small, in one location or many, we manage the administrative tasks to the same high standards. Giving even the smallest of companies the feeling that they have an in house HR team. Taking away these time consuming HR tasks frees up our client and their managers time so they can focus on the income generating side of their business.

HR Advice

Black Mountain is also able to provide additional HR advice, knowledge or even on site expertise as it is needed. Through our support services, we can provide advice on market trends and what is needed to be market competitive in recruiting, how to motivate and retain staff as well as what you should do in certain circumstances - advising when you might need the services of an HR lawyer. 

HR Project Work

Most of our work is done away from our clients offices, however, sometimes there is a need for some on-site support. If you need additional support at your office or support on-site for some project work, we are able to help. Our expert HR professionals can come on-site to your organisations premises and assist with any project work that you may need. 

"Black Mountain's support has been excellent, prompt and detailed. had many different COVID HR incidents to deal with, BM have effectively resolved and helped me deal with them"

Belinda Sweet-Williams, Forest Traffic

Employee Spotlight

Anne Egleton
Director of HR, UK

Why Outsource HR Services?

Organisations who are expanding internationally (or locally) must align existing organisational HR principles and policies with local statutory employment law and related country-specific requirements. With heavy penalties associated with these statutory requirements, it is important to have experts on tap so you know what to do when times get tough.

Outsourcing HR Services to Black Mountain provides you with the comfort of knowing that you have a team of experts in HR Services who are ready and happy to answer any queries you have and provide remedial advice.

People Focussed

All HR clients are provided with a dedicated account manager, accompanied by a buddy to ensure support at all times

Local Expertise

Our local in-country teams are always knowledgeable of local legislation, to ensure you stay compliant and leave you stress-free


We are happy to receive employee data in multiple formats to so that we can help you save time in the data transfer process


The technology Black Mountain utilise adheres to the strictest data security measures across the world, including GDPR

Why stop at HR Services?

Black Mountain specialise in a “One Stop Solution” service to help streamline your business, not only with HR Services, but also with Payroll, Technology, Employee Benefits and much more. 

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